The birth of a child is cause for celebration. Many parents wish to welcome a new child into their family in a formal way in the presence of family and friends.

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Welcoming children

Whether you choose to call the ceremony a Naming Ceremony or a Baptism, the purpose is to give thanks for your child and for you and others to make promises to him or her that are heartfelt and meaningful.

We do not have a set ceremony nor initiate the child into a particular faith although the ceremony will reflect your own spiritual beliefs, if any. You may choose religious or secular readings and poems, include prayers and a hymn/song or music of your choosing.

Perhaps you would like an older sibling or a grandparent to take part in the ceremony too. We will work with you to create a ceremony which reflects who you are as a family.

If you are interested in arranging a ceremony for your baby or child, a thanksgiving following adoption or a ceremony for an older child, please contact the Minister.